Linn Schrab

I´m a freelance illustrator, artist and surface pattern designer based in Arlöv (Malmö), the southern part of Sweden. In my work I find inspiration in nature, plants and animals but also from naivist artists around the world. I graduated at the Danish Design school in 2008. 

I mostly work with illustrations, but also graphics and layout. I have done illustrations for magazines, books, advertising, clothes but also visuals for apps and webpages. I also design wallpaper, covers for music albums, posters and create visual identities among many other things. 

I work at a fast pace, deliver on time (if not before) and I keep an open mind when coming up with new ideas. I aim to work in a playful, fun and original way. 

If you like my work, please drop me a line, It's always fun to make new contacts.

Hope to hear from you! /Linn


You can find some of my wallpaper at: